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DNA Fusion 8.3.2.X Release Notes
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DNA Fusion Ver. 8.3.2.X


Download the Latest Version atDNA Fusion v 8.3.2 Complete Download


Latest Release Date: October 03, 2023

Mercury Firmware: (LP4502, LP1502, LP1501, LP2500)


Please note that SQL 2019 is not compatible with Windows Server 2012r2. MS SQL Server 2022 no longer supports SQL Native Client. 


  • Updated BCGSoft to Version 33.4
  • Added Cardholder Tree Search Option
  • Added Engage RC Integration
  • Added OAuth2 Authentication to OOSMTPMailer
  • Added OAuth2 Authentication to DNAFusion email
  • Added support for Flex v2 to set Mercury hardware elements "Dirty"
  • Extended the Isonas Door Held time to 999 seconds
  • Made the driver client count configurable and improve handling of connections beyond limit
  • When sending events and status to FlexV2, replaced references to Engage hardware with the database unique key and not the Engage Device reference
  • Added ability to view the server Cameras tree to Milestone server integrations
  • Added Group By Create Date
  • Added Engage IP to Filter



  • Added Compatibility to Windows 11 and Server 2022
  • Added support for Isonas Extended Firmware - Including 2-Factor authentication, Activation/De-Activation dates, etc.
  • Added an option to the Batch Printer to allow user to skip any badges that have no photo
  • Added option to update all members of a Personnel Group with its Access Level(s) and Access Level Group(s)
  • Added ability to "Promote" MP02 controller to 1501, 1502, etc.
  • Added the ability to remove DSR Callback endpoints in the DSR Utility
  • Updated the pcProxAPI integration file to 7.5.1
  • Added Turnstile (RCGIF) support to the Kone Integration
  • Added the ability to change the MSMQ receive buffer size for the Axis Integration and Improve logging around MSMQ Error messages

The Default Buffer size if 256K - Use the DNASet utility to change buffer size, then restart Driver: Example to 512K: DNASet.exe -n="MSMQ Buffersize" -nv=524288

  • Updated DNA to the latest version of the BCG Library (33.20)
  • Updated internal Honeywell references from the older PW5K* and PRO22* subcontrollers to the newer PW6k* and PRO32*
  • Added Progress Bar when Access Levels are removed from members via their personnel group property
  • Changed the default handling of for SMTP mail messages so a bad email address will not stop the email from going out
  • Added option to include the Employee ID or Employee # number fields on the Daily Card Usage Report when using the 'Cards per User' option.


Hot Fixes


  • Fixed issue where Crystal Report displayed a “Value Range error”  when running the Daily Card Usage report.
  • Fixed issue where the Daily Card Usage report was breaking when user has SSN.
  • Fixed issue where the Cardholder - Groups report showed cardholders belonging to groups other than selected.
  • Fixed issue in the Alarm History report where the lack of space before AM/PM in Time was causing issues when imported to Excel.
  • Fixed issue where the Group By Personnel Sorting in Tenants was not working.
  • Fixed issue where an erroneous cardholder User Deleted Company Audit Trail report was created when company was removed via a different cardholder.
  • Fixed issue where Elevators were sometimes displayed as Doors in the Event Manager.
  • Increased column AuditDataAfter and RestoreAuditData in Audits table length to 1024 to avoid loss of data in Audit Trail report.
  • Fixed wrong Card Type value when Operator Profile Field is set to Read-Only.
  • Fixed D-Controller promotion to LP4502.
  • Fixed non execution of Host Based Macro SQL when Hardware Description contains an apostrophe.
  • Increase column length of Param1, of Audits and RestoreAuditData tables to 4000 to avoid loss of data in Audit Trail report.
  • Fixed issue when using the OmniKey Enrollment Reader that could result in an incorrect message about bit lengths not matching.
  • Fixed issue where only Default Photos are exported using DNAPhotoExporter.
  • Replaced Stentofon name with Zenitel.
  • Otis: Fixed issue where Description of Available Floors was incorrect in the Events Manager.
  • Mitsubishi Integration: Fixed a Card Reader ID UI issue.
  • Otis: Added option to give user the ability to sync the Floor Group UI with the Floor Offset.
  • Otis: Fixed issue where Floor Selector description was Incorrect in the Events Manager.
  • Fixed issue where the Events Report errored out when there were no Operator Tenants.
  • Added option to promote Honeywell PW6K1IC to EP2500.
  • Fixed issue where DMP Online/Offline state in DNAFusion did not reflect state of DMP machine.
  • Fixed issue where the Reader Description in the Reader Properties was not saved.
  • Fixed issue where the card tooltip did not display the correct Cardholder Type.
  • Fixed issue where empty Global Access Levels were assigned via drag and drop despite profile not enabled to assign access levels.
  • Fixed issue where "Out" Door HBM was reset to "None" when "In" door updated.
  • Fixed issue where Crystal Report threw a “Value Range error” when running Daily Card Usage report.
  • Fixed issue where “Repeat Pulse” did not become Infinite when set to 255 in Direct Control dialog.
  • Fixed issue in Time Schedule dialog where One time schedule date did not save correctly.
  • Fixed issue in the Events Manager where it displayed an Engage Icon for a Mercury "Became Inactive" TS Event.
  • Fixed the http vs https issue that was affecting the license download.
  • Fixed issue where the Non-Use Report displayed users that badged within the time frame but on a different SSP than selected.
  • Fixed issue where the Ignore Duplicate Photos was not working when existing photo were re-added.
  • Fixed issue where Isonas Door Subgroup did not reflect correct Lockdown status.
  • Redistributed Isonas download commands to new queue to reduce delays on critical commands.
  • Fixed issue where Drag & Drop to Door Subgroups was not working.
  • Added logic to allow certain aspects of Event processing in the DNA Driver to be optional and create better exception handling.
  • Fixed issue where OSDP reader online status was not correctly reflected in the DNAHardwareStatus table.
  • Fixed issue where the Out Door OSDP reader status was incorrect.
  • Fixed issue where Mercury Transactions for hardware with foreign symbols could cause driver crashes.
  • Fixed issue where DNA Driver crashes on Download ALL when Time Schedule Numbers are negative.
  • Added option to Allow the removal of empty Global Access Levels when Operator has rights.
  • Fixed issue where Location of last used hardware in Cardholder record was missing for Engage and Isonas.



  • Fixed error where Certain code pages could result in license data being unable to be decrypted and the system in an invalid state
  • Fixed error where Events History Report Does not Show Previous User Cards
  • Fixed issue where Cardholder Activation/Deactivation times could be downloaded incorrectly in some cases when running Mercury controllers in IP Client mode.
  • Fixed event log error where Armed MPG Direct Command: Operation saves as Disarm for both Arm and Disarm
  • Fixed an issue with feature to allow filtering alarms by priority so that the RTN events are properly filtered as well
  • Fixed issue where closing DNA Fusion with pending cardholder/personnel changes does not prompt to save and automatically saves any changes
  • Fixed error where if cardholder record had an APB location of -1 (from earlier versions) and a cardholder record is opened user will be prompted to save changes even if they've made no changes
  • Fixed issue where Legacy Access Level Conveter can abort the process in some cases where the database has orphaned records
  • Fixed issue where adding a new Controller did not update the Trigger/Macro browser window - (resulting in having to restart DNA Fusion)
  • Fixed right-clicking on an ASSA Authorization from the Hardware tree always showing the "Properties" menu item greyed out.
  • Fixed Held states on graphics maps that were not reporting correctly
  • Fixed Channel Dialog for Mercury IP Client incorrectly truncating the label for "Listening Port:"
  • Added OSDP shared reader to MR50 SIO
  • Added Audit when user deletes Company
  • Fixed Alarm History Report which caused wrong info in Alarm Description and Alarm Status to be displayed
  • Fixed screen scaling that could cause the logon screen to render improperly
  • Fixed the Readers properties dialog did not render properly in some screen scaling scenarios



  • Updated Mercury Firmware to latest version
  • Added Feenics OEM Code.



  • Updated Mercury Firmware to latest version
  • Updated the Mercury Series 3 SIO boards to version 3.22.4
  • Fixed issue where Database Script incorrectly created the [TKE.KioskFloors] table.
  • Existing BCG 33.2 library did not have PDB file for release mode. - Rebuilt and updated .lib and files used in generating symbol database for Bugsplat



OpenDX (6.51)

Download the Latest Version of OpenDX

  • Import does not handle CSV files using no header when there are Null values in the 1st row
  • Modify Active Directory so it can use specific user/password to authenticate with AD

ISONAS Driver (

Download the Latest Version of the ISONAS Driver

  • Corrected issue with large cardholder populations where processing activations and deactivations can timeout or generate SQL errors.
  • Added ability for current revisions to treat 64-bit smart card reads (where the number has values in the high order 8 bits) in a way similar to versions prior to 12/2021.
  • Corrected issue where changing a Door's DPOS polarity was not implemented correctly without restarting the driver.
  • Redistributed download commands to new MSMQ to improve control command response.
  • Improved door status update times when Locking down (or removing) during heavy downloads.



  • Added support for Isonas Extended Firmware - Including 2-Factor authentication, Activation/De-Activation dates, etc. (also known as Isonas Enhanced Mode)

TKE Driver (

  • Improved the exception handling around initial database activity
  • Turned off Entity Framework automatic database initialization code


Engage Driver (

  • RC Lock Integration
  • Replaced the uniqueKey property in status messages with the UniqueKey database field used by FlexV2.
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