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DNA Fusion Tools
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OODE Tool Install

Download and install file for OO Data Extract Utility for versions of DNA Fusion 8.1.11-16 with OODE files missing necessary dependencies.

OODE Tool for versions of DNA Fusion 8.1.x with broken existing OO Data Extract Utility files (Missing Proper Dependencies) that are causing issues in extracting and creating Database diagnostic files. 

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Download: OODE.exe


Port Query tool

Used in identifying system ports and troubleshooting port conflicts.


Download: PortQryUI (130 KB)


DSR xml tool

Used to modify the ASSA ABLOY DSR xml file. This tool is to be used only on the DSR server.


Download:DSRXmlModify (3 KB)


Custom Field Editor

Assigns column and names to personnel custom field tab when using one to many option.


Download: CustomFieldEditor (115 KB)



Network configuration tool for discovering and configuring IP controllers over the network.


Download: ZeroConf (550 KB)


Table Purger

Resets key tables in the DNA Fusion database. Only used when changing PC, station or site name.


Download: TablePurger (18 KB)


Smart Inspect Console

Install for Smart Inspect log file viewer. Used to view troubleshooting data in captured .SIL files.


Download: SIredist (4.4 MB)


MR51E Addressing tool

Used to set a fixed IP address to NSC-100 network door controllers


Download: MR51eAddressTool (24 KB)


DNA Importer

Allows a one-time import of personnel and card data from an exported CSV file.


Download: DNAImport (230 KB)


DNA AutoExpire tool

Allows users to find cards that haven't been used by user defined time period and deactivate. Can be scheduled to run automatically.


Download: DNA AutoExpire (382 KB)


DC Utility

Returns list of SSP controllers and allows user to disable communication between SSP and driver.


Download: DCUtil 



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