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DNA Fusion 8.3.1.X Release Notes
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DNA Fusion Ver. 8.3.0.X

INITIAL RELEASE DATE: January 23, 2022

Download the Latest Version atDNA Fusion v 8.3.1 Complete Download


Latest Release Date: Jan 23, 2022

Mercury Firmware: (LP4502, LP1502, LP1501, LP2500)


Please note that SQL 2019 is not compatible with Windows Server 2012r2


  • Added the ability to search for hardware in the Hardware Tree
  • Added the Direct Message Queue support for the ASSA Integration to better support FlexV2
  • Updated All IPWorks related libraries to Version 2022.2
  • Added support to DNAFusion to send Client Updates (Personnel, Hardware) to FlexV2 via Named Pipe
  • GlobalAPB will now ensure that a cardholder is moved to an area on any controller that has that area, not just those that have the area as an In area
  • Updated Mercury Driver to
  • Updated BCG Components to Version 33.30
  • Added option to Sort Tenants by Name or by Number
  • Reworked the handling of DNAFusion client connections in the DNA Driver to improve reliability and performance
  • Improved TCP/IP performance and reliability of the Event Receiver process in the DNA Driver


Hot Fixes


  • Help>About list order changed
  • Fixed issue where Company Editor does not close after removing a company when OK is clicked
  • Fixed issue where ACTi Video Integration does not scan cameras unless the server port is 8081
  • Fixed issue where Bosch Receiver Status can get out of sync when switching tabs
  • Fixed notification to notify user when Max. Quantity of Access Levels in the SSP has been reached while adding access levels
  • Fixed issue to Prevent user from adding a default time schedule with an ID over the max allowed (16) to an engage door
  • Added Controller Stored Quantity changes to the Audit report
  • Fixed issue where XML Card Type Permissions not working
  • Fixed issue where Add or Edit Access Level Groups user profile setting still allows for removing global groups when off
  • Fixed issue where card formats do not load in Card Formats Dialog
  • Fixed issue where Elevator Type ignored in Command 115 for Otis and Mitsubishi Elevators
  • Fixed issue where Elevator Flags in Card record not working properly
  • Fixed issue to Graphics Maps: Link Hardware menu Items and dialogs description inconsistency
  • Fixed issue where Out Door HBM resets to None when In door updated.
  • Fixed issue where only the last selected controller on a hardware tree multi-select gets selected in the Download Manager dialog




  • Installation will now allow Empty Password utility to apply a default password to all blank passwords



OpenDX (6.51)

Download the Latest Version of OpenDX

  • No current updates or Changes

ISONAS Driver (

Download the Latest Version of the ISONAS Driver

  • Fixed issue where Isonas Command Handling can become backed up in some scenarios causing delays in execution
  • Fixed issue where On Demand access does not obey Start/Stop dates on global access levels
  • Fixed issue where downloading by Access Level can cause an exception to be raised causing offline controllers
  • Fixed issue to streamline event delivery to the DNA Driver and default to MSMQ
  • Fixed issue where Card based Host Based Macros (HBM's) on an Isonas door are executed twice
  • Fixed issue where heavy download activity to panels can cause panels to drop offline
  • Fixed issue to rework all credential download logic to reduce the time it takes for full downloads

TKE Driver (

  • No current updates or changes
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