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General Access Denied Error on DNA Fusion Client Login
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Upon login an error Failure to login. Reason: General Access Denied is raised.


Replace with text explaining the cause.


The Windows user that is currently logged in must have permission to access the DCOM/MSDTC services on the Application Server.


  1. Ensure the Windows account has been added to the Distributed COM Users and the DNAUSERS groups on the Application Server
    See the page 2-13 of the DNA Fusion Technical Manual for more information
  2. Confirm the DNA Fusion Application Server is on the same domain as the DNAFusion client workstation
  3. Ensure the client is attempting to connect to the correct Application Server by pinging the application server by name and that the proper IP address is resolved
  4. Verify that the DNA Fusion client’s COM+ object has the correct Application Server name
    1. Right-click on the clients COM+ object
    2. Select Properties
    3. Select the Activation tab and verify that the Remote Server name is correct


If the client still fails to connect, log in to Windows with a different account (preferable an account that has been successful logging in at another client DNA Fusion workstation) and then attempt to launch DNA Fusion.


If a working account log in fails to connect, contact the system’s IT department to re-add the client to the domain and reboot PC. If the client connects, the software and PC are configured correctly and the issue is permissions related. Verify the settings above and attempt to add the remote server via IP address (see below).


More Information

Windows released a Cumulative Update for the Windows 10 and Server operating systems titled “June 14, 2022-KB5013887 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10, version 20H2, Windows Server, version 20H2, Windows 10 Version 21H1, and Windows 10 Version 21H2”. When operating on a DNA Fusion version below 8.1.1.x, the update may cause a change in the security permission on the DNA Fusion connection within the Com Object resulting in a “General Access Denied” type error when attempting to communicate with the DNA Database Instance or Server.


In order to fix this error, the user would be forced to rollback to the last working version of Windows prior to this update or update to the latest version of DNA Fusion which is currently if they are current on their Software Licensing Agreement. Please contact DNA Technical support for assistance or any additional questions pertaining to this Technical bulletin. See the link below for any additional information pertaining to Win Update KB5013887.

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